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    电竞足球职业联赛12分钟直播"No, thank you," she said.


    "She won't if she marries Mr. Bennett," Millie said.
    "We'll have it then," said Millie. "After all, it's your house, isn't it?"
    "You're all wrong, Monteith," he burst out. "You're all wrong. And I'll tell you why. I'm ten years older than you are and ten years ago I might have thought as you do. Now I know better. You're wrong because you're arrogant, and you're arrogant because you're limited, and you're limited because you've surrounded yourself with smaller men who all think as you do. You've come to look on the world simply as one big field especially manured by God for the sowing of your own little particular seed. If other poor humans choose[Pg 167] to beg for some of your seed you'll let them have it and give them permission to sow, but there's only one kind of seed, and you know what kind that is.


    1.But something on this occasion had become too strong for him and dragged him for once into a public declaration of faith, regardless whether he offended or no.
    2.Tom Duncombe was now pulling at one of the drawers of the table. Henry stood up, feeling that the whole room was singing about his ears.
    3."But now I think that woman is planning something else. She wants to sell me to some man so that she herself can be[Pg 136] free. She is in doubt about several. That old man you saw the other day is one. He is very rich, and has a castle. Then she has been for some while in doubt about whether perhaps you will do. I don't care for it when she beats me, and when she says terrible things to me, but it is the fear of the future, and she may do worse than she has ever done—she threatens . . . and when I am alone at night—often all night—I am so afraid. . . ."
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